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 Namso Gen is a free live Credit Card Generator website that allows you to use Bins to create many credit cards. Namso is a freemium cc generator just like namsopro.


How many of you have used a credit card? Almost every single one of you, I believe. After all, who doesn’t like to make full use of this genius invention to make purchases without having cash physically? Not to forget the discounts and rewards which are associated with them! Consider yourself in a situation where you want to make purchases from a store, you visit their website and get a little off track. Instead of purchasing one item, you end up purchasing a whole lot just because you have a sufficient amount of liquid money on your credit card. As the use of credit cards is becoming widely accepted, especially in these days of the Covid 19, the use of credit card generators is gaining popularity as well. And amongst all the different kinds of credit card generators is Namso Gen- the most broadly trusted credit card generator.

What is Namso Gen?

Namso Gen is a random credit card generator that is a crucial tool in the domain of programming and web development. The primary users of Namso Gen are e-commerce website owners and developers, who have to test their websites to ensure that credit card transactions are executed smoothly.

Features of Namso Gen

Namso Gen, being the most in-demand credit card generating software has some salient features, which distinguish it from other similar software in the market. Following are the essential features of Namso Gen:

  • Every credit card number generated by Namso Gen has a Verification Value Code (CVV)
  • The credit card number comprises 16 digits
  • The cardholder can choose a name of his choice for his credit card, which is not mandatory to be his own, real name
  • Every card has a specific period for validation, which is usually 3 months from its dates of production
  • After generating a card using Namso Gen, it will show a particular amount that will be used to make a small test purchase.
  • The numbers generated by Namso Gen do not redirect to any existing bank account of any kind.

Namso Gen Working Algorithm

Namso Gen generates random credit card numbers according to users’ Bank Identification Number (BIN) by using the LUHN algorithm. Also called the Modulus 10 or Mod-10 algorithm, Luhn’s algorithm is a very useful system for verifying the credit card numbers generated by Namso Gen. any type of error and the algorithm detects it immediately. Luhn’s algorithm verifies and validates credit card numbers by applying the following steps of computing check digits:

  • Doubling every alternating digit from the right-most digit
  • Replacing the original alternating digits with their computed sums
  • Summing up the resulting values from all the positions
  • Coming up with a result equal to 0.

If the result of Luhn’s algorithm is any value other than 0, the card is invalid. Thus, Luhn’s algorithm allows the Namso Gen software to confirm and authenticate a randomly generated credit card number to prevent suspicious activities.

How to Use the Namso Gen Software?

Namso Gen generates credit card numbers by following a few steps. But first, let’s discuss the distributions of numbers on original credit cards:

  • The first six digits are the BIN or the issuer’s identification number which remain the same for every card issued by the bank or financial institution
  • The next 8 digits are called the cardholder’s number
  • The remaining digit is called the check digit which verifies the validity of all the other digits.

To use Namso CCGen, one has to insert the first 6 digits (the BIN or issuer’s identification number) in the proper sequence and click on the ‘Generate Cards Button’ to start setting up random credit card numbers.

Is Namso Gen Legal?

Having heard all sorts of things about credit card generators, you must be concerned whether the Namso Gen software is legal or not, and it is quite understandable why. Well, the Namso Gen Software has been invented for the sole purpose of data testing and to produce unique numeric credit cards. The only intention and function of Namso Gen is, thus, site testing which is purely legal. Moreover, the use of the Namso Gen Software is completely risk-free. Fraudulent transactions are not even imaginable through the credit cards numbers generated by Namso Gen as they don’t direct to any bank balance. So, the question of Namso Gen’s legality is, without doubt, confirmed.

Can Namso Gen be replaced by Alternative Softwares?

Even though there is much other CC-generating software in the market, none of them is such that can be competed with Namso Gen. The reason for this is because almost all those software generate unverified credit card numbers which, when used, cause malfunctions in the website under development. While Namso Gen stands out from the list by providing users with a reliable interface and the below-mentioned securities:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Safe to use
  • No personal data required
  • Generates hundreds of random credit card numbers by using a single 6-digit BIN.
How does the Namso Gen Software Help?

With the increased use of credit cards in online transactions, inevitably, credit card frauds are also taking place. In fact, the ratio of credit card frauds in the UK as of 2021 was 79%. Thus, it is necessary that safety precautions be implemented by the website owners to ensure safety and confidentiality to the buyer. And to their aid comes Namso Gen. Following are the benefits of the Namso Gen Software:

  • For testing purposes:
The primary benefit of Namso Gen is that it generates a dummy credit card number for programmers to test various e-commerce websites.
  • To get access to websites:
Namso Gen generates a random credit card number for customers to enter in sites that require a credit card number for granting access only.
  • To avail of free online services:

If you want to avail yourself of free online services without entering your authentic credit card number, Namso Gen helps in this regard as well.

Final Wordings

To sum up all the above, it can be said that Namso Gen helps people in small ways, by reducing their workload and providing them with an automated tool for credit card number generating. It is now your liability to make proper use of this software and refrain from any illegal acts that may cause trouble to you and your credit card issuing organization.